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Saxophonist and composer Igor Geržina is one of the most prominent musicians in Croatia. As the producer of the Jazz Orchestra of Croatian Radiotelevision, he has been a driving force in the country's jazz scene for many years. Igor is a multiple winner of the Porin discography award, the Status award for the instrumentalist of the year, and the Black Cat award, cementing his place as one of Croatia's most respected musicians.

In addition to his work with the Jazz Orchestra, Igor has released several critically acclaimed albums as a solo artist and collaborator. His unique approach to composition and improvisation has earned him a loyal following both in Croatia and abroad. Whether performing live or in the studio, Igor's dedication to his craft is evident in every note he plays.
If you're interested in booking Igor for a performance or collaboration, please get in touch using the contact form on this site. Thank you for your support!

  • John Marcus, Smooth Soul Radio (US)

Just what we’re looking for in a contemporary sax.
  • Norman Lynch, SJITM (UK)

Every now & then a great musician, songwriter, composer comes along in various genre of music. In the case of the smooth/contemporary jazz genre, Igor Geržina is one of those gifted & highly skilled individual's. I receive a lot of music and musicians contacting me to play their music on my show, but when Igor first sent me some tracks to listen to from his previous CD, Metropolis, I was just completely blown away by his sound and his compositions.
  • Ronald jackson, The Smooth Jazz Ride (US)

Gerzina leaves absolutely no doubt that he is one artist who’ll be around making his mark for some time. Feeling and experiencing that smooth groove all the way in Croatia speaks volumes about the wonderful influence this genre really wields, despite what some naysayers might say.
  • Patric Van De Viele, Keys & Chords (NL)

There’s no doubt that Igor has delivered a very nice album of high quality, and that he’s my favourite Croatian export product!
  • Dražen Vrdoljak, publicist i kritičar 2006, HR

Dok se najveći broj saksofonista njegove generacije opredijelio za jazz, iz kojega kao session glazbenici i gosti na koncertima vokalnih zvijezda čine izlete u komercijalnije žanrove opravdavajući ih egzistencijalnim razlozima, Igor Geržina oduvijek je bio vjeran formuli poznatih američkih kolega kao što su Groover Washington Jr, Boney James ili David Sanborn koji na svojim instrumentima personificiraju popularne žanrove crossover i smooth jazza i jazz-funka. Geržinina svestranost i autoritativna svirka učinile su ga čestim suradnikom, u studiju za snimanje ili na nastupima uživo, brojnih pjevača i grupa.
  • kritika Gibonnijevog noncerta, Marko Pecotić 2008

...ono što je u Gavelli Geržina izvodio na saksofonu, to je bilo magično! Nije tako često imao svoje dionice na saksofonu, ali kada bi nešto odsvirao, zvukovi koji su izlazili iz te njegove limene puhalice bili su čarobni i nadnaravno dobri. Čovjek se u roku keks naježi kada to čuje.
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